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  • Odezzy303 Speedy Toaster
    Odezzy303 Speedy Toaster8 minutter siden

    *Watches a Daz video* *Daz3D ad plays*

  • M.D.
    M.D.46 minutter siden

    “YEAH IMMA THUG WOOH!” - Daz 2021

  • A Progressive Nation For All
    A Progressive Nation For All47 minutter siden

    Daz kicking ass

  • The bub Man
    The bub Man2 timer siden

    I love. Mettle

  • BAClarke_21
    BAClarke_212 timer siden

    8:00 random man standing behind creepy dude (the things flashing up bit and another name for it "fight club" bit)

  • Lois_ Blossom_
    Lois_ Blossom_2 timer siden

    13:50 left mw dead

  • Turtle _Sweats
    Turtle _Sweats2 timer siden

    “Where the fuck are you giving me this cash” Daz black 2021 8:25

  • Shelby Jones
    Shelby Jones3 timer siden

    I love Iprevail

  • Sky Carlito.J
    Sky Carlito.J3 timer siden


  • Big Beano

    Big Beano

    3 timer siden

    No it’s not

  • Max Szabo.
    Max Szabo.3 timer siden

    "I felt like with every breath, I became more of a man." Daz Black. 2021

  • ShaylaBalloon
    ShaylaBalloon3 timer siden

    “IM PLAYING FORTNITE! god dad!” “HOL UP LET ME ORDER A PIZZA FROM HIM!!!” “In real life I would just ya know turn around” “Why are you putting the pizza on the floor?” “Woah Jesus! Daz games was in the horror game for a second”

  • Malek Darijbara
    Malek Darijbara3 timer siden

    did you just step on a lego brick an go :0 I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD

  • Russian Gamer
    Russian Gamer4 timer siden

    Music video...

  • Dumpy Goblin
    Dumpy Goblin4 timer siden

    Every time I watch the music video I get chills. It’s just so good like holy shit

  • Lily Hennessey-Coyle
    Lily Hennessey-Coyle4 timer siden

    Lol the beginning lol

  • TheJw009
    TheJw0095 timer siden

    Hello I love daz don’t give up on ur dreams 😚

  • Cameron Juniper
    Cameron Juniper5 timer siden

    I tried the voice thing I sound like Voldemort 🤣😅

  • XxbrokendreamsbrooklynXx
    XxbrokendreamsbrooklynXx5 timer siden


  • XxbrokendreamsbrooklynXx
    XxbrokendreamsbrooklynXx5 timer siden

    Hiiii I love ur videos u met my sis in vidcon and U made a video for me when I was in hospital

  • Pearce Hendy
    Pearce Hendy5 timer siden

    I went to the London show as well and met you outside by the queue Daz! Was so epic

  • Expo mist
    Expo mist5 timer siden


  • Noah Moore
    Noah Moore6 timer siden

    Not me moshing in my room by myself

  • Bxnnylia
    Bxnnylia6 timer siden

    Omg I thought he was doing that voiceover in real time not in the video 😂

  • Platapuhs
    Platapuhs6 timer siden


  • Just Vincent
    Just Vincent6 timer siden

    daz i was wondering are you and soso still together

  • Clare Brough
    Clare Brough7 timer siden

    When you but your toe in tje bath and its to hot 0:08

  • jotaro kujo
    jotaro kujo7 timer siden


  • Shekinah Willis
    Shekinah Willis7 timer siden

    i watched that music video so many times 💀

  • Potato Bean
    Potato Bean7 timer siden

    i think daz just got me on to rock/metal

  • Techedgy Gaming
    Techedgy Gaming7 timer siden

    4:00 what the hell was that and 7:36 aaaaand 7:59 Jesus it looks like mark Zuckerburg

  • Ell White
    Ell White7 timer siden

    You should do a mukbang vid !!!!! Im dying 😝

  • ᴄᴀʟɪ ʏ
    ᴄᴀʟɪ ʏ8 timer siden


  • Clayton White
    Clayton White8 timer siden

    13:49 I laughed so hard I farted 😂

  • JJ plays
    JJ plays8 timer siden


  • Claire Brown
    Claire Brown8 timer siden

    is this a music video or a movie!

  • Clxwn-Sh!t
    Clxwn-Sh!t10 timer siden

    I love how he made a seven minute video into a 23 minute video

  • Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams10 timer siden

    Jesus daz step on a Lego brick lol

  • Daniel Byrd
    Daniel Byrd11 timer siden

    Him:Where are you? Daz:I playing FoRtNiTe

  • Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams11 timer siden

    Damn daz! Lmao

  • Miss Johnson
    Miss Johnson12 timer siden

    I am a massive IPrevail fan, this collaboration makes me so damn happy 😍

  • Michael O Sullivan
    Michael O Sullivan12 timer siden

    your so cool

  • Mohdog 52
    Mohdog 5213 timer siden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Best video

  • Haz Boi
    Haz Boi17 timer siden

    Daz grew up in Hastings!?!?!?!?!? So did I, actually I still do!

  • Emily O’Brien
    Emily O’Brien17 timer siden

    daz in a high pitch voice: HAAÁ HÄAA can't even look in to the camera with out laughing😂😭

  • StrAwberry Sunset Roleplay
    StrAwberry Sunset Roleplay17 timer siden

    I just want to ask! are the children okay Lol I'm always gullable and I'm just wondering xD

  • Isabelle Beecroft
    Isabelle Beecroft17 timer siden

    Hot huuuuu

  • HG Studios
    HG Studios19 timer siden

    3:38 "Send your cutest delivery boy"

  • Wednesday Hughes
    Wednesday Hughes19 timer siden

    Daz daz daz ur my biggest fan OK Ok

  • LilBigMac 134
    LilBigMac 13420 timer siden

    Did I hear BigMac?

  • Anthony Juliano
    Anthony Juliano21 time siden

    Daz do be like : hA Ha HaHAhaHa

  • Tragic
    Tragic21 time siden

    Who else got scared when the guy at the corner said “HHHEEEYYY”

  • Liza Krasavtsev
    Liza Krasavtsev22 timer siden

    Can we just appreciate that the video is exactly 23 minutes?

  • Carson Griffiths
    Carson Griffiths22 timer siden

    I know stuff “hand motions” Daz 2021 lady’s and gentlemen.

  • Jaden Bowman
    Jaden Bowman23 timer siden

    When I just got this phone you're the first person I've subscribed too

  • Shishui Uchiha
    Shishui UchihaDag siden

    If I order 10 pizzas from you one giving you 9 and keeping 1

  • paxpax paxiep
    paxpax paxiepDag siden

    "NO MINI DAZ YOUR GONNA BE A NOprojects SENSATION"- Daz Games best line yet 2021

  • Mr. Bacon
    Mr. BaconDag siden

    The jumps are at the bus stop scared the crap out of me

  • Staitey80
    Staitey80Dag siden


  • chey Hildebrandt
    chey HildebrandtDag siden

    I love this band ,song and youuu!❤️✨

  • Rainbow Rose
    Rainbow RoseDag siden

    I was so surprised when I saw him in the video like it looked like him but I want sure at first and now I'm very sure!!!

  • F1R3BL4D3
    F1R3BL4D3Dag siden

    Daz i hope you know Metallica

  • Swiftster YT
    Swiftster YTDag siden

    Intro 10/10 DAZ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤣

  • Nefeli Ila
    Nefeli IlaDag siden


  • Caitlyn Amen
    Caitlyn AmenDag siden

    When you scream oh there's daz black i was eating dill pickle chips and was laughing and i chocked daz

  • Itz_Willow Ray
    Itz_Willow RayDag siden

    **More respect to Daz i didnt know that he listen to heavy metal**

  • Onion 104
    Onion 104Dag siden

    How to metal scream : step one , step on a Lego 😂😂😂

  • Trsudę Uchiha
    Trsudę UchihaDag siden

    19:53 Girls during puberty

  • Joshua Kim
    Joshua KimDag siden

    The way he just roasts himself as beef

  • Linda Miscandlon
    Linda MiscandlonDag siden

    I just ordered and ate a pizza from him as I’m Linda ❤️

  • Piotr Kliukowski
    Piotr KliukowskiDag siden

    Normal yutubers: I was in a music vid :D Daz: I WAS A ROCKSTAR!

  • Billie Farnsworth
    Billie FarnsworthDag siden

    Daz is funny😐

  • Luca Borlean
    Luca BorleanDag siden


  • roasting_craze
    roasting_crazeDag siden

    Mmy step dad youst to hit me so when people shout I start crying

  • Mccakeboi
    MccakeboiDag siden


  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoyDag siden

    I love how Daz has never lost his "Vine energy"

  • Pink Rose
    Pink RoseDag siden

    Daz in the intro be like: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.....HA

  • RollerBoyM16
    RollerBoyM16Dag siden

    Is it me or does Daz sounds like Kermit the frog at 14:56 LOL

  • Bsl With me
    Bsl With meDag siden

    Hi Daz love your vids sooo much u help me when I have autistic meltdowns I have a trauma as well not abuse but am still going through one is I have been in hospital to an overdose and been on bridges the second when my 4 month old gueanie pig was ill so I kept her in my room and woke up touched her she didn’t move she died I have severe depression when I watch your vids u make me very happy

  • Bsl With me

    Bsl With me

    Dag siden

    I don’t get the 🤣 face

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    Dag siden


  • Lagom
    LagomDag siden

    "Did you step on a lego brick and 👿😈👿😈👿😈"

  • Tough Cheese
    Tough CheeseDag siden

    13:49 i am *WHEEZING*

  • Freddie Foulds
    Freddie FouldsDag siden

    Is it just me who says the intro with him😂 congrats on 6 million 👏🏼👏🏼❤️

  • Gamer Boy1222
    Gamer Boy1222Dag siden

    Congrats, for 6 million!!!,daz love you!!!

  • RAINBOW puppies
    RAINBOW puppiesDag siden

    Daz:get your tea! Me: one sec *makes tea * okay continue

  • Isabel Hawks
    Isabel HawksDag siden

    This is very.... very... interesting....

  • Valcie
    ValcieDag siden

    I wouldent order fr the pizzas. I would order. For Daz.

  • Zkinny runner
    Zkinny runnerDag siden

    wth hahhahahahahhaha thats funny 13:48

  • Coral Jacobs
    Coral JacobsDag siden

    Love it

  • anime_fan1
    anime_fan1Dag siden

    "cant say fuck on yt, shit-"

  • laura clarke
    laura clarkeDag siden

    When that monster thing at the bus stop I jumper omg it scared me 😂

  • Lone Outsider
    Lone OutsiderDag siden

    I did my part lol

  • violet
    violetDag siden

    all i have to say is iconic

  • Holly Shazell
    Holly ShazellDag siden

    sorry if i sound dumb but is this story real?

  • Ali or Alicia Denies
    Ali or Alicia DeniesDag siden


  • ally kulhmann
    ally kulhmannDag siden

    So yea I was beating as a child. N now I have problems. Really bad mental health

  • romeo cenko
    romeo cenkoDag siden

    I can do low growls

  • Tye Slowed Audios
    Tye Slowed AudiosDag siden

    Hah! Hah! Hah!

  • Imogen Does Random
    Imogen Does RandomDag siden

    Why did it take soo long to play actual music ✋😅🤨

  • Imogen Does Random
    Imogen Does RandomDag siden

    But where is the music from music vidio

  • Layla Osborne
    Layla OsborneDag siden

    Daz please tell me that was water

  • Layla Osborne
    Layla OsborneDag siden

    13:51 so so so funny 😂😂😂😂